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Propel Thickener AVTH Series

Propel Thickener Tanks are integral components of the thickening process in mineral processing plants. These tanks are designed to facilitate the settling and separation of solids from liquid slurries, resulting in the production of a thicker, more concentrated slurry and the recovery of water for reuse or disposal.

Key Features:

  1. Construction: Propel manufactures thickener tanks using robust materials such as steel or concrete to withstand the mechanical and chemical stresses of mineral processing operations.

  2. Design: The design of Propel Thickener Tanks may vary depending on factors such as the size of the operation, the characteristics of the feed material, and the desired throughput. Common designs include circular, rectangular, or square tanks with sloped bottoms to facilitate the settling of solids.

  3. Settling Zone: Inside the tank, there is typically a settling zone where the slurry undergoes gravity settling, allowing the solids to settle to the bottom while the clarified liquid rises to the surface.

  4. Rake Mechanism: Propel Thickener Tanks are equipped with rake mechanisms that continuously or intermittently scrape the settled solids towards a central discharge point at the bottom of the tank, where they can be removed for further processing or disposal.

  5. Overflow and Underflow Systems: These tanks feature systems for collecting the clarified liquid overflow and the thickened underflow. The overflow is typically collected in launders and directed to further processing or water recovery, while the underflow is discharged for disposal or additional processing.

  6. Drive System: Propel Thickener Tanks are powered by drive systems that operate the rake mechanism. These drive systems may be electric, hydraulic, or manual, depending on the size and design of the tank.

  7. Instrumentation and Control: Some tanks may feature instrumentation and control systems for monitoring and regulating parameters such as slurry density, overflow clarity, and rake speed to optimize thickening efficiency.

  8. Integration: Propel Thickener Tanks are designed to be integrated into mineral processing plants as part of a larger circuit for dewatering, water recovery, or tailings management.

Overall, Propel Thickener Tanks play a critical role in the thickening process, contributing to the efficient recovery of valuable materials and the responsible management of process water and tailings in mineral processing operations.

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