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McCloskey C4 Cone Crusher

The McCloskey tradition continues with the C44 Cone Crusher. Made from the highest quality components, you can expect the best service and dependability as well as the McCloskey pledge for performance. Featuring a 44-inch cone and a 440-hp diesel unit, this cone crusher provides a high material capacity as well as a comparable throughput that will give your operation the edge. It has a large capacity for stockpiling as well as features that are focused on customer-friendly approaches. This is a leader in mobile crushing offering a high degree of control over the finished results. It enables you to have an amazing amount of control over your finished product, which makes it the ultimate choice for a secondary cone crusher operation. With a transport height of 11 feet and 2 inches, transport length of 52 feet and seven inches, and transport width of 9 feet and six inches, it is the perfect size to move from worksite to worksite. It weighs in at 97,444 pounds and has a stockpile height of 10 feet, 8 inches. The C44 offers quality and results on all levels.




Cone Size: 44"


Engine: 440 HP (328 kW) Diesel (Tier 4 Final)

Transport Height: 11' 2" (3.40m)
Transport Width: 9' 6" (2.90m)
Transport Length: 52' 7" (16.02m)
Stockpile Height: 10' 8" (3250mm) 
Weight: 97,444 lbs (44,200 kg)

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