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McCloskey J45 Jaw Crusher

The J45 high capacity jaw crusher features a true 45" x 27" jaw. With both level and load sensors the J45 ensures the most efficient material handling across applications. Optimized for Type 1 crushing applications, the J45 jaw crusher features a heavy duty bofar design and pan feeder chutes with steeper angles to reduce material sticking. The J45 boasts a 14'-10.2" x 7'-3/4" hopper with close to 9 cubic yards (6.8m3) capacity. The main conveyor features easy access heavy duty skirting and are closer to the ground level for ease of access and maintenance. Rugged and versatile, the J45 jaw crusher offers the field-tested reliability required for the toughest projects around the globe.



Jaw Size: 27"x 45"


Engine 350 HP (224 kw) Diesel

Transport Length: 47' 5.9" (14.476m)
Transport Width: 8' 2.5" (2.5m)

Transport Height: 11' 1.8" (3.4m)
Stockpile Height: 12' 8.7" (3880mm)
Weight: 96,783 lbs (43,900 kg) incl. magnet & side conveyor

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