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McCloskey i44 Impact Crusher

When it comes to portable contractor crushing machines, you can count on the high-quality durability offered by the McCloskey I44 Impactor. It features a 4-blow with a 45” wide impact chamber allows excellent portability while being compact. Despite being mobile, it offers exceptional levels of production that will enable you to finish the project quickly. It has a crushing chamber that is constructed to meet the highest standards out there, so you can maintain your job at the desired pace. It has a four-bar vertical lift with quick change hammers. There is an optional third apron available. Because of its durability and versatility, it is ideal for applications of all kinds all around the world. It is great for concrete recycling, construction projects, demolition jobs, asphalt recycling, rock crushing, and more. It is operated by a 350-hp diesel engine and weighs 77,160 pounds. When the magnet and dirt conveyor are added, the weight increases to 84,444 pounds. The transport measurements include a length of 50’ 30.2”, width of 8’ 2.4”, and height of 11’ 2”.




Impactor Size: 45"


Engine: 350 HP (261 kW) Diesel Tier 4 Final

Impactor Size: 44"

Transport Height: 11' 2" (3.40m)
Transport Width: 8' 2.4" (2.50m)
Transport Length: 42' 5" (12.932m)
Stockpile Height: 10' 7" (3230mm) 
Weight: 77,160 lbs (35,000 kg) basic

84,444 lbs (37,850 kg) incl. magnet & dirt conveyor

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