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McCloskey 516RE Trommel

The 516 Trommels are high-quality dependable machines that provide results. McCloskey International is known for building high-quality trommels in a variety of sizes with multiple drum design options and screen sizes. With the 516, you can improve your quality and output while meeting the demands of the various projects. It can handle materials ranging from topsoil and compost to sand and gravel and woodchips. These materials spend a longer time in the 16-foot drum so the results are better quality after having undergone more intensive screening processes. It has a hydraulically operated folding end conveyor that enables the stockpiling of oversized materials. The machine has transport dimensions that enable easy moves. It is operated by a 100-hp engine. There are three versions of the 516, which include the AT, R-T, and the RE. All of the options are cost-effective solutions to meet the varying needs of different businesses.




Drum: 5' X 16' (1.52m X 4.88m)


Engine: 100 HP (75kW) Diesel (Tier 4 Final)
Transport Height: 13' - 6" (4.12m)
Transport Width: 9' 6" (2.90m)
Transport Length: 52' 6.5" (16.01m)
Radial Stockpile Height: 15' - 1.5" (4.61m)
Oversize Stockpile Height: 10' 1" (3.08m)
Weight: 36,000 lbs (16,330 kg)

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