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McCloskey 621RE Trommel

McCloskey’s 621 RE trommel has proven itself as a reliable machine that can provide results in compost, waste recycling, demolition and construction, topsoil, and several other screening applications on a larger scale. It has a 174-hp engine with an accessible engine bay as well as diesel hydraulic system that is efficient so the maximum operating time can be achieved. This machine is a prime choice for large applications that are heavy-duty, such as those that have production rates that can exceed 200+ TPH in materials that are sticky or in topsoil. It can also handle rates as high as 300+ TPH in gravel and sand It can be customized to meet your project needs or your individual business operation requirements. It is a highly cost-effective trommel that has been proven as one of the best machines available in the industry.



Drum: 6' X 21' (1.82m X 6.4m)

Engine: 174 HP (130kW) Diesel

Transport Height: 13' 6" (4.11m)

Transport Length: 60' 9" (18.52m)

Transport Width (wheeled): 8' 6" (2.59)

Transport Width (tracked): 9' 8" (2.94m)

Weight (wheeled): 51,500 lbs (23,400 kg)

Weight (tracked): 74,250 lbs (33,700 kg)

Radial Stockpile Height: 15' 1.5" (4.61m)

Oversize Stockpile Height: 10' 1" (3.08m)

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