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McCloskey J40 Jaw Crusher

When it comes to Jaw Crushers, you can’t go wrong with McCloskey’s J40 as it continues the tradition of productivity, dependability, and quality. It has engine options, Tier 3 and Tier 4, along with a cheek-plate design that is heavy-duty and user-friendly. It features a 40-inch wide jaw that has an easy to operate control panel that offers superior machine diagnostics. You can have an easily portable unit while meeting all of your expectations as far as production goes. Measuring in at only 2.5 meters in width, you have the perfect machine for projects that demand a high level of mobility along with exceptional results. This machine has multiple enhancements, including a jaw box that is deeper, the jaw speed is faster, and there is a larger gap between the crusher discharge and the feed boot of the main conveyor. While keeping the core values of a full-size jaw crusher, the J40 offers high-capacity production with a heavy-duty build that provides efficiency in a mobile piece of machinery. It has a 225-hp diesel engine and weighs in at 76,280 pounds.




Jaw Size: 24"x 40"

Engine: 225 HP (166 kW) Diesel (Tier 4 Final)
Transport Height: 10' 6" (3.2m)
Transport Width: 8' 2.5" (2.5m)
Transport Length: 45' 2.6" (13.78m)
Stockpile Height: 11' 4.2" (3458mm) 
Weight: 76,280 lbs (34,600 kg) with side conveyor, no magnet conveyor.

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