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McCloskey J45R Recirculating Jaw Crusher

When it comes to high quality recirculating Jaw Crushers, you can depend on McCloskey’s J45R Jaw Crusher. This offers great productivity with the advantages of a recirculating system and full screening unit. Operators have the ability to produce a screened and crushed final product while using only one piece of machinery. Combining a Jaw Crusher with a screen box that is high energy and recirculating conveyor, you can count on attaining your goals and getting maximum productivity. The machine’s conveyor is a radial recirculating design so you can either return material through the crusher jaws or stockpile them as a separate finished product. It has a hopper that is high capacity with the ability to hold about 8 cubic yards mounted over a feeder that vibrates. You even have the opportunity to add an optional pre-screen if your work needs it. The 350-hp diesel engine gives it the power that your job demands. Weighing in at 123,463 pounds, this unit can be transported with a length of 50’ 3.2”, width of 10’ 2”, and height of 11’ 1.8”.



Jaw Size: 27"x 45"


Engine: 350 HP (224 kw) Diesel

Transport Length: 50' 3.2" (15.422m)

Transport Width: 10' 2" (3.1m)

Transport Height: 11' 1.8" (3.4m)

Stockpile Height: 9' 9" (2965mm)

Weight: 108,027 lbs (49,000 kg) estimated

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