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McCloskey 628RE Trommel

When it comes to trommels, the 628 RE is one of the best machines available. Designed for larger, heavy-duty operations in which production rates can reach as high as 200+ TPH in sticky materials or topsoil or as high as 300+ TPH in gravel and sand. It has a diameter screen of 6 feet, which enables it to maneuver a powerful screening action while the drum that is 28 feet in length provides a longer time on the screen while providing a higher quality finished product. McCloskey is known as the leading manufacturer of trommels in the world as it offers leading designs and innovative features on all products. Every trommel manufactured by the company has undergone thorough field training that enables the company to continuously improve the product through customer feedback and testing.   



Drum: 6' X 28' (1.83m X 8.53m)


Engine: 174 HP CAT or Volvo (130kW) Diesel (Tier 4 Final Option)
Transport Height: 13'  6" (4.12m)
Transport Width: 8' 6" (2.59m)
Transport Length: 65' 3" (19.88m)
Radial Stockpile Height: 16' 10" (5.13m) 

Oversize Stockpile Height: 11' 5.5" (3.08m)
Weight: 59,750 lbs (22,100 kg)

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