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Propel Endurer
Heavy Duty Closed Circuit Cone Crusher​

A Propel Heavy Duty Cone Crusher is a robust and powerful crushing machine manufactured by Propel Industries, a company well  known for producing high-quality crushing equipment.

Here are some key features and characteristics you can expect from a Propel Heavy Duty Cone Crusher:

  1. Dual Power (standard)

  2. Heavy-Duty Construction: These crushers are built with strong and durable materials to withstand the demands of heavy-duty crushing applications.

  3. High Crushing Capacity: Propel Heavy Duty Cone Crushers are designed to handle large volumes of material efficiently, making them suitable for high-capacity crushing operations.

  4. Superior Crushing Performance: These crushers are engineered to deliver superior crushing performance, ensuring consistent and high-quality end products.

  5. Advanced Design and Technology: Propel incorporates advanced design elements and technology into their heavy-duty cone crushers to optimize performance, reliability, and durability.

  6. Easy Maintenance: Despite their heavy-duty construction, Propel Heavy Duty Cone Crushers features user-friendly maintenance solutions to simplify servicing and minimize downtime.

  7. Versatility: These crushers are versatile enough to handle a wide range of materials and applications, including hard rock, ores, and aggregates.

Overall, a Propel Heavy Duty Cone Crusher would be a reliable and efficient solution for demanding crushing applications in industries such as mining, quarrying, aggregates, and construction.


  • Dual Power (Standard) 

  • 12x6 Heavy Duty Double Deck Screenbox

  • Heavy duty track unit with dual speed configuration.

  • Safety guards in compliance with machinery directive sturdy walkway with handrail and access ladders.

  • Dual power mode – flexibility to power the plant either by external electric connection or by on-board diesel generator power pack unit (optional).

  • Radio remote control for marching (optional).

  • PLC drive, Metal detector and Sensor control system & four-point emergency stop.

  • Electrical driven hydraulic system for quick setup & marching. Low noise acoustic engine canopy with overload protection.



Feed Opening Size                                                                         mm 220 / (inch) (8.7)

CSS Range                                                                                       mm 26 - 45 / (inch) (1.0 - 1.8) 

*Capacity                                                                                         TPH 150 - 380 

HOPPER / FEEDER                                                                         

Hopper Capacity                                                                            m³ 6

Feed Belt Width                                                                              mm 1000

MAIN CONVEYOR                                                                           

Belt Width                                                                                        mm 1000

TOP/ BOTTOM DECK TRANSFER CONVEYOR                            

Belt Width                                                                                        mm 500

STOCKPILE / RECYCLING CONVEYOR                                         

Belt Width                                                                                        mm 500

FINES CONVEYOR                                                                           

Belt Width                                                                                        mm 1400


Deck Size                                                                                         mm 1800 x 3700 / (inch) (70.9 x 145.7)

Number of Decks                                                                           2


Shoe Width                                                                                     mm 500

Hydraulic Tank Capacity                                                               Ltrs 400

POWER UNIT                                                                                  

Engine                                                                                             Scania DC13 Engine

Diesel Tank Capacity                                                                     Ltrs 720


Transport (L x W x H)                                                                    mm 19310 x 3450 x 4150 / (inch) (760.2 x 135.8 x 163.4) 

Working (L x W x H)                                                                      mm 19450 x 12360 x 5145 / (inch) (765.7 x 486.6 x 202.5) 

**Weight                                                                                        kg 58500 / (Ton) (58.5)




*Details may vary based on application
**Weight inclusive of motor & accessories
Note: All the above technical details may vary at any time during engineering process & design development

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