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Basic Information
Machine NameEZ-409 TROMMEL
Machine ID690
Model NumberEZ-409
Asking PriceName Your Price!
Machine Information
ManufacturerEZ Screen
Overall ConditionNew
Engine and Components
Engine Burns OilNo
Engine Oil LeaksNo
Conveyor Belts ConditionExcellent
Engine Parts ConditionExcellent
Engine ConditionExcellent
Drivetrain and Mechanical
Tracks ConditionNot Applicable
Wheels ConditionExcellent
Pumps and Motor LeaksNo
Hose LeaksNo
Hydraulic System ConditionExcellent
Physical DamageNo
Paint ConditionExcellent
Overall AppearanceExcellent

Additional Information


For more than 15 years, Argus Industrial Co. has been producing the finest line-up of efficient, portable, screening plants. Our work horse EZ machines that out-engineer, out-perform, out-feature, out-last and offer out-and-out better value for the money than anything in the market.

Introducing the new EZ-409 Trommel Screener.

EZ 409 Trommel ScreenerIf your operation deals with screening lighter, wetter materials -- mulch, topsoil and compost -- a trommel screener is the way to go. The constant tumbling action stirs up material over and over, fluffing it, adding air to lighten it, and keeps it in contact with the rotating mesh longer. So more material slips through faster and more easily.

Which makes the EZ-409 the perfect machine for landscapers, excavating contractors and municipalities.

And what makes the EZ-409 the better choice over other trommel screeners? The big reason is its small price. Because we sell direct, one to one. No sales force. No inventory. No showrooms. No commissions.

EZ 409 Trommel ScreenerAnother reason is a whole list of reasons: like a powder-coat finish; vulcanized conveyor belts; a durable 50-HP Deutz diesel engine; auxiliary hydraulics for adding another stockpiling conveyor; and hydraulic jacks at the discharge end for the proper tilt angle to adjust the material flow speed.

Like all our screeners, the new EZ-409 is easily trucked from job site to job site. Set up is quick, too. Working with a 1/2 to 1-3/4 yd loader, the EZ-409 is designed, engineered and manufactured to provide outstanding production for specialized screening operations. And with a chain driven heavy duty rotating drum action, the slipping that occurs in wet materials on wheel driven competitive trommel screens is eliminated.

Whatever type material you screen, whether it needs to be rocked or rolled, we have a screener to match.